2019 China (Sanya) Sports and Health Tourism Forum held in Sanya
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2019 China (Sanya) Sports and Health Tourism Forum held in Sanya. (Photo by Liu Liping/hinews.cn)

On August 28th, the 2019 China (Sanya) Sports and Health Tourism Forum was held in Sanya. Experts and scholars from domestic and international sports, health and tourism industries gathered in Sanya to discuss the integration and development of the industries.

Some experts indicated that people had higher demands for sports today with the rapid development of the economy and their change of mind. They are more eager for a sports-oriented leisure lifestyle, and the venues are no longer limited in gymnasiums. Tourists’ demands have also been changed a lot, they do not only need the beautiful scenery, but also a better lifestyle.

2019 China (Sanya) Sports and Health Tourism Forum held in Sanya. (Photo by Liu Liping/hinews.cn)

“Sanya is a good destination for the health industry and the tourism industry. We hope that our new project in Sanya will become a Thanyapura with Chinese characteristics,” said Philipp Graf von Hardenberg, President and CEO of the Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort. He announced that as the first project of Thanyapura in China, the second Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort would be established in Sanya and opened in 2022.

Zhang Sile, Member of Parliament of Singapore, former Minister of State for Trade and Industry, and consultant of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Organizing Committee, believed that Sanya is one of the best sports destinations.

“Singapore and Sanya can cooperate in many aspects,” said Zhang Sile. He also said that Sanya has beautiful environment and convenient transportation, some sports brands in Singapore could be brought to Sanya, such as the night marathon. He hopes that the cooperation between the two sides will be promoted through the platform.

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